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Cut Costs and Increase Profits with C-Store Automation

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Take the stress out of everyday tasks with a c-store automation solution, so you can spend less time focusing on your stores and more time focusing on your customers.

smart c-store
“With this system, it just seems endless. The more we add to the stores, the system will be right with us, if not ahead of us.”
Tim Wallace Director of Facilities, Midwest
“The Chariot platform is revolutionary, disruptive, and will have an immediate and noticeable impact on fraud protection, store uptime, and operating costs.”
Karl Doenges Advisory Board Member

Spend less time running your store and more time serving your customers

Reduce Costs

Decrease energy, operational, and maintenance spend in your c-store.

Prevent Product Loss

Eliminate food spoilage due to faulty equipment and temperatures.

Ensure Compliance

Automate logging for government, health code, and corporate compliance.

Monitor and Control

See and act on your c-store anytime, anywhere with the Chariot platform.

Become your customer’s favorite convenience store.

smart controls

Smart Controls Package

Reducing energy is 24/7 operations can be challenging. The Smart Controls Package is designed to help your c-store become as efficient as possible.

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Skimmer Protection Security

Skimmer Protection

The Skimmer Protection Package gives you real-time monitoring of credit card skimmers at your fuel pumps so you can protect your customers from fraud.

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Food Safety

Food Safety

The Food Safety Package automates your temperature logging to ensure health code compliance and eliminate food spoilage.

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Monitor and maintain your c-store 24/7 by remotely troubleshooting and de-escalating issues with FSG’s team of technicians, engineers and SMEs.

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A Smart Platform for Smart Convenience Stores

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Chariot IoT app
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Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your convenience store has never been easier.

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How Smart
C-Stores Do More Than Lower Costs

When it’s your job to run your company’s facilities, it feels like the work is never done. You’re always finding lights that have been left on, thermostats that magically change themselves, and minor maintenance issues that aren’t being reported before they become big problems. You can’t be everywhere at once.

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