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About Us
FSG Smart Buildings team, a division of Facility Solutions Group, provides building automation solutions for the commercial market. Our open controls solutions, powered by the Chariot platform, allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of specific building functions, smart controls, food spoilage, pump protection, and moreā€¦.

With automation solutions actively deployed in over 6,500 locations nationwide, FSG Smart Buildings empowers customers to see, manage and act to save money, reducing energy, operational and maintenance spend across their portfolio.

FSG Smart Buildings - Perfect C-Store

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your convenience store has never been easier.

35 million sq feet monitored nationwide
Niagara Finalist

    Who We Are

  • System integrators
  • Hardware engineers
  • Software developers
  • Energy management experts
  • EMS and HVAC technicians
  • Data analysts

    Common Issues We Solve

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of building controls
  • Preventing truck rolls and equipment downtime
  • Complex national rollouts across thousands of sites
  • Need to protect existing equipment (no rip and replace)
  • Need for custom solutions from trusted energy advisor
  • Need to develop solution for multi-format building portfolio
  • Disparate EMS systems

FSG is proud to be members of the following convenience store organizations

Texas Food and Fuel

Our locations and affiliate networks are positioned to address your needs.


About Facility Solutions Group (FSG)

FSG was started in 1982 with the purpose of finding a better way to deliver lighting products to customers. Over the years, the business has adapted and grown, but the focus has remained the same, help customers run more efficient buildings. Today, FSG employs more than 2,000 employees across 33 locations and works with hundreds of vendors and suppliers to make life better for our customers.