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Chariot Platform

How can I access the Chariot platform?

After your automation solution has been installed and commissioned, you will receive login information for the Chariot platform. You can access the platform from any web-enabled desktop, tablet or mobile device.

How many users can be set up in the Chariot platform?

Unlimited users can be set up in the Chariot platform based on your needs. In addition, user privileges can be set so employees see only what you grant them access to.

How many locations can I monitor through the Chariot platform?

The Chariot platform can support an unlimited amount of locations. If more than one location is running on Chariot, a geomap and site list will be available for users. Also, users can group stores together for notifications, alarms, controls, etc.

How often is the platform collecting data from the sensors?

The standard data collection interval is 15 minutes. This can be adjusted based on your needs.

Is Chariot platform training available for clients?

If you need assistance using the Chariot platform, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.


Is financing available?

Yes, financing is available. We offer loan and lease options. Note that the financing applies only to the package price and not to the monthly recurring fees. Please contact us for more information.

What are my monthly fees for?

The monthly fees associated with each package are for access to the Chariot platform and data collection.


Do I have to use my c-store’s network to gather the sensor data?

No. While your automation solution can be set up on your c-store’s network, you have the option of using a LTE network.

What protocols do the Perfect C-Store packages use?

Our packages use Wifi and 900 MHz to communicate.

Smart Controls

What will I be able to control with my Smart Controls package?

The Smart Controls package supports up to five zones of lighting controls and up to two smart thermostats. Using the Chariot platform, the Smart Controls package allows you to remotely change setpoints and schedules of your lighting and HVAC.

Can I add additional lighting and HVAC capabilities to the package?

If for any reason you need to add more lighting or HVAC controls to your package, please contact us and we will provide add-on pricing.

Skimmer Protection

How do the Skimmer Protection sensors work at my fuel dispensers?

The Skimmer Protection sensors alert you instantly if your the door to any of your fuel dispensers has been opened.

How are Skimmer Protection sensor alarms escalated if not cleared?

Once a security alarm has been triggered, the alarm must be manually cleared by a user in the Chariot platform. If the alarm remains untouched, escalations paths can be developed to move the alarm to managers, IT departments, police, etc.

What are the optional tablets for?

The optional tablets associated with the Skimmer Protection package are placed by the POS systems so clerks can actively watch for any incoming alarms and clear them as needed.

What happens when I need to access my fuel dispensers for maintenance?

If any routine maintenance is scheduled for your fuel dispensers, users can put the necessary dispensers into “maintenance mode” from the Chariot platform. This will disable the alarms for those dispensers for a set amount of time.

Food Safety

Where do my food safety sensors go?

Food safety sensors can be placed on any equipment that has hot or cold items inside it. This includes coolers, freezers, ice bins, warmers, deli counters, etc.

How will I get alarmed if a temperature goes out of range?

If a temperature goes out of range, an alarm will be sent in the Chariot platform. You can configure your settings to have this alarm sent to users via email or text message.

Can I get reports on my temperate logging for health compliance?

The Chariot platform allows you to trend historical data and download the reports to show proof of health code compliance.


Can I get the monitoring package for an existing automation system in my c-store?

If you have an existing automation system in your store, we can do one of two options: A) Gather your system login information and take over the monitoring of the system or B) Integrate your current system into the Chariot platform with your selected Perfect C-Store packages and then monitor your complete system. Please contact us for existing system integration pricing.

When can I access the monitoring service?

With the Monitoring package, you have access to our team of technicians, engineers, and building automation experts 24/7/365.

How long are the terms of the monitoring service agreements?

There are no set terms to the Monitoring package. As long as you continue to pay the $69/store/mo monitoring fee, you will have access to our support staff.

Can the monitoring team work with my existing contractors to service my stores if needed?

If an alarm cannot be resolved remotely and requires on-site maintenance, we can work with your existing contractors on your behalf to schedule service to your stores as needed.


How long do the sensors last?

Our wireless sensors are estimated to last between 2-3 years after which the battery will need to be replaced.

How long does it take for a system to be installed?

The typical installation for a Perfect C-Store solution takes one day. After ordering your solution, we will work with you to schedule a time that works best for our technicians to come on-site.

Can the Perfect C-store packages support an entire portfolio of convenience stores?

Yes. Our automation solutions can support one to thousands of locations. If you are placing a portfolio order, please contact us for bulk pricing.

How can I become a Perfect C-Store partner?

If you are interested in working with FSG to help develop c-store automation packages, please contact us and a representative will reach out.

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