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Food Safety

Protect your Food, Protect your Profits

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Managing large amounts of temperature data can be challenging. The Food Safety Package automates your temperature logging to ensure health code compliance and eliminate food spoilage.

food safety package

Completely eliminate food spoilage in your store.

Ensure health code compliance

Automate logging for health code compliance reporting.

Protect inventory

Keep your hot food hot and your cold food cold.

Save time & money

Reduce time spent keeping up with food temperatures and code compliance.

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1 FSG will install your food safety package.
1 Monitor and act on your store anytime, anywhere with Chariot.
Price $69/mo/store for Chariot + secure LTE Talk to an Expert
What you get
get Temperature sensors
humidity-icon Humidity sensors
get Access to Chariot platform
get Installation and commissioning
  • Remote setpoint adjustments
  • Remote scheduling
  • Energy savings
  • Business intelligence
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Store comfort
  • Corporate compliance
Avg Savings: $6,600/store/year
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How Automated Food Temperature Logging Can Protect Your Revenue

Self-serve and prepared food items are the top revenue producers in convenience stores. The gas prices get people to the store, but the food items in the store are the profit generators. Offering food of any kind in a c-store -- prepared or not -- comes with great responsibility.

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