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High Touch, High Quality Monitoring and Support from C-Store Automation Experts

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Monitor and maintain your c-store 24/7 by remotely troubleshooting and de-escalating issues with FSG’s team of technicians, engineers and SMEs.

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Average wait time
90 s
Avg resolution time
11m 30s

We adopt and monitor any existing hardware

We make it easy to get started. We can help be your team in as little as 24 hours.

  • check Mediator
  • check BASview
  • check NexRev
  • check Automated Logic (ALC)
  • check HVAC repair
  • check Tridium/Niagara
  • check Novar
  • check Founten
  • checkAnd more

Our techs see what your employees see.

FSG techs have duplicate builds, so there's no guessing involved.
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Our monitoring software works with any system

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1 Tell us about your store.
1 FSG will adopt your system or install an automation system for you.
1 FSG will monitor and act on your store 24/7/365.
Price $69/mo/store for monitoring only Talk to an Expert
What you get
get 24/7/365 support from automation experts
humidity-icon Alarm and notification management
get Remote triage and de-escalation
  • Equipment health
  • Store comfort
  • Store safety
  • Avoid bad press
  • Health code and corporate compliance
  • Food spoilage prevention
Avg Savings: $4,700/store/year
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A Smart Platform for Smart Convenience Stores

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Our locations and affiliate networks are positioned to address your needs.

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Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your convenience store has never been easier.

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How a Remote Monitoring Team Can Make Your C-Store Work for You

Traditionally, building management was exactly that: managing a building. But now that buildings are infused with technology--now that they are “smart”--the role of store and facility managers has evolved into the more strategic position of helping organizations meet their operational goals.

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