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Skimmer Protection

Stop Fuel Dispenser Breaches

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The Skimmer Protection Package gives you real-time monitoring of credit card skimmers at your fuel dispensers so you can protect your customers from fraud.

Skimmer Protection

“A single compromised pump can capture data from 30 to 100 cards per day.”

- National Association for Convenience Stores
Protect from fraud

Know when a fuel dispenser has been compromised the moment it happens.

Save employee labor

Reduce manual dispenser security checks by your employees.

Easy Access

Touchpad interface for real-time monitoring accessible at your store or from your device.

  • Unlimited Skimmer Protection Sensors check
  • Custom Alarms check
  • Timed Escalations check
Skimmer Protection screens on Chariot platform
  • check Unlimited Locations
  • check Secure Event Logs
  • check Timed Maintenance
1 Tell us about your store.
1 FSG will install your Skimmer Protection sensors.
1 Monitor your fuel dispensers from anywhere with Chariot.
Price $69/mo/store for Chariot + secure LTE Talk to an Expert
What you get
crind-price Intrusion detection sensors & security decals
crind-price Tablet & secure mount
get Access to Chariot platform
get Installation and commissioning
  • Labor savings
  • Theft prevention
  • Store safety
  • Credit card rates
  • Avoid bad press
Avg Savings: $5,500/store/year

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Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your convenience store has never been easier.

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The 10 Most Popular Card Skimmer Myths

In a world where privacy has become a hot-button issue for consumers, debit and credit card skimming presents a formidable threat to the American public. With skimmers becoming more prevalent in size and sophistication over the past few years, an act as simple as filling up your car can become worrisome.

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