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Smart Controls

Lower energy spend in your c-store

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Reducing energy is 24/7 operations can be challenging. The Smart Controls Package is designed to help your convenience store become as efficient as possible.

smart controls

Spend less money. Be as energy efficient as possible.

Reduce energy

Cut back on your c-store’s electricity usage.

Ensure customer comfort

Maintain a consistent, comfortable environment.

Detect equipment failures

Address lighting and HVAC issues before they become large problems.

Remote scheduling

Change your equipment schedules and setpoints anytime, anywhere.

1 Tell us about your store.
1 FSG will install your smart controls package.
1 Monitor and act on your store anytime, anywhere with Chariot.
Price $69/mo/store for Chariot + secure LTE Talk to an Expert
What you get
get Up to 5 zones for smart lighting control
get Up to 2 smart thermostats
get Access to Chariot platform
get Installation and commissioning
  • Remote setpoint adjustments
  • Remote scheduling
  • Energy savings
  • Business intelligence
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Store comfort
  • Corporate compliance
Avg Savings: $1,500/store/year
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A Smart Platform for Smart Convenience Stores

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Chariot IoT app
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Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your convenience store has never been easier.